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It is a given truth that there are citizens out there in the world, married and single, who are anxious of allowing any emotional attachment or involvement in a relationship. This is a destructive aspect inanyone's life.

Some have been burned, badly burned in a relationship. Some are frightened of being burned.

Finding and being with that exceptional person, that "bosom friend", as Anne Shirley of "Anne of Green Gables", mentions, is not easy to do. And not certainly maintained, when found. But to eliminate oneself from the chance, is to never have the chance. To bar oneself from LOVE, one never truly knows LOVE.

Depth of passion comes with a price: depth of feeling. You cannot care for others until you care about others.

It is an amazing come across to have a big cheese knead and embrace your own flesh. But it is an even more amazing and fulfilling be subjected to when a big shot holds and caresses your own desire heart.

One cannot come across the depth of joy of turly aware someone, truly investing hope in their family members spirit, not including an equal risk of disappointment and pain.

"Dancing With Dragons"

We spend so much time
Dancing with dragons
Our perceptions of fear
Of intimate relationships;
Hearts accomplishment out
Souls stretching to touch
But words never form
Or fall from our lips
And bonds are left unformed
For fear of misunderstanding
No heartbreaking and
Being touched
To find friendship
Or i don't know even

The celebrated creator once penned, essentially, "It is change for the better to have love and lost, than to have never loved at all".

Bob Curtis has been journalism articles, short fiction and poetry for over 30 years. He has been a lay consultant for families and those for a add up to of years. He is at present the organization boss of people4people. blogspot. com and is the head of Nexus Publishing, nexus4u. blogspot. com in Midvale, Utah.


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