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Whether you are lone or married, we all need luck in bond and romance. It could be for receiving a existence soul mate or to strengthen you bond with your existing spouse.

According to Chinese Feng Shui, the romance bend is at the Southwest back into a corner of your home and this area belongs to the earth element. Therefore, insertion earth building block article such as crystals in this bend can enhance your romance luck. A solid rose quartz gem ball is a good choice since this stone (rose quartz) teaches us to love ourselves thus aperture us to common love. A new opportunity is the clear quartz rock ball, which is the artless precious stone point. When pooled with other stones, clear quartz is able to enhance the energy of other stones. Its transparent outlook fits certainly as a decorating item into any alive room.

Besides crystals, a pair of bureaucrat ducks can enhance the romance luck for the occupants of the house too (One is bad. Consider to get one pair!). If you don't want to go all through the hassle of import a pond and feeding the ducks, wood/bronze/jade/crystal fixed statues or a painting of official ducks will also do the trick. They are appealing home decor for your home. A painting of peonies (Chinese vegetation than represents love) will bring the same air too.

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