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Seduction secrets for men part 3 - a astonishing idea to spice up your free relationships - relationships


There is a cool hardly game for spicing up your long-term or fuck-buddy relationships.

Here is how:

Both you and your girlfriend have to get 20 pieces of paper and make 20 assorted cards. Each card has an idea on it: you write down effects you would like her to do and she does the same with stuff she wants you to do.

There are three kinds of cards: sex, romance and adventure. (If you are doing this with a fuck-buddy, drop the final two. ) Each card is two sided. On the exterior there is the name of the category, at the contained by there is what you would like the other character to do. It be supposed to look a touch like this:

Backside: "Sex" Inside: "Sex in the elevator"

Each of you has to make 10 sex cards, and decide how you split up romance and adventure cards among the other 10. When you are completed comes the fun part.

Each week, one of you chooses from the cards of the other person. The cards are put into a hat and you have to draw a arbitrary card. After drawing, you don't look classified yet. You see what kind of card it is (Sex, Romance, Adventure) and come to a decision whether to keep it or not. If you desire to keep it, you have to accomplish anything it is on the card. If you drop it, desire a new card till you draw a atypical kind. Put the sex cards that you didn't use back to the other cards.

After a card is drawn, it's out of the game. The one week cycle connecting draws can be shortened or extended. Ahead of assembly the cards, agree with your partner on some rules. Like she shouldn't assume you to take her on a escape to Thailand, and you shouldn't count on her to go on the avenue naked.

Here are a few examples for each topic:


Sex in the elevator

Sex in the varying room

Sex in your car or at a community place

Phone sex from two communal phones on the street

Your girlie has to come with you to the shopping core exclusive of bras and panties under her clothes

She has to swallow your cum when doing oral

Tying your partner to the bed

You buy her an excessive lingerie which she has to wear 5 times, when you decide to

She has to let you go anal with her

She has to drive to you with only a coat on and nil underneath

You make a home-video together


A candlelight feast with your lover in a restaurant which she chooses (you pay)

A romantic late afternoon at the Opera

Visiting the theatre

Having a picnic at the adjoining forest

Visiting a delphinarium

You rent a 4-star hotel room for the weekend in your city (as long as your fiscal circumstances allows it)

A long weekend at one of the rural areas while visiting some monuments


Go-kart racing

Bungee jumping

Jet-skiing on the local lake


Going rock climbing together

A ride on the chief breaker coaster in the fun park

Going to an aqua park

Note: I hope I don't have to say that you ought to only do most of these in a longer relationship, where your partner trusts you totally! The only immunity is a fuck-buddy connection in which case it depends on the girl and how adventurous she is.

For more tips and secrets on maintenance long and doing well relationships and also seducing the newest women, check out my book "All About Women" at www. seduction-and-dating. com. It's packed with up to date in order on each step of not just receiving but also custody the kind of girls you crave for.

-Giuseppe Notte

An adventure with the contradictory sex

Giuseppe Notte had to learn equipment the hard way. For years of his life, he had no sensation at all with women. That is until he stood up for himself and certain to take be in command of of his life. He went on a journey to model guys who were very booming with women. He has spent day after day, month after month and year after year education from other guys, a range of books and supplies on the topic of seduction, and his own experience. After a few years of studying, he managed to sort out what works and what does not. By that time he had no evils being paid the kind of women most men only crave for. He has qualified many of his acquaintances the secrets of seduction, and due to their encouragement, he had ongoing to write a book on the topic in 2004. After months of hard work, All About Women: The Fact list Of Seduction was born illuminating Giuseppe's secrets.

As Giuseppe says, there is nobody more central than the will to learn from your mistakes and adjust by hand for better. If you have that down there will be Nobody that you can't reach in your life.


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