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Accomplished women are rabble in romance claims NY Times magazine columnist Maureen Dowd in her feature patrician "Men Just Want Mommy. " She says authoritative men want to marry women who are caretakers like secretaries, assistants, nannies, departure attendants, etc. Are authoritative women exceedingly at a disadvantage in the marriage ceremony market?

A Academe of Michigan study found that men choose to marry women in aide jobs than womem who are supervisors. An added study by British researchers suggests that lucrative men would fairly have conventional wives, more like their mothers. They also reported that the senior a woman's IQ, the less chance she has to marry.

Dowd wonders does this mean "the more women achieve, the less desirable they are?" Even though the fairly alarming conclusions we might draw from these trends, the come back with is a deep NO!

Accomplished women can be winners in romance, but they have to set their sights on a assorted kind of man. The worst partner a powerful, ambitious woman can desire is a man who is just as athletic and ambitious as she is. High-powered men are smart to marry women who will assistance them, not compete with them.

Successful women today need to detect that men who are agreeable to play a more at the bottom of role make perfect partners for them. It's tough for most men to agree to a woman who is more booming than they are, but not all men feel that way. More men than you think would be happy to be the head cheerleader for a authoritative woman.

The thing that keeps authoritative women miserable in relationships is our own outdated beliefs. We've all been conditioned to want a spouse who's rich and successful. However, as Gloria Steinem said, "Some of us are becoming the men we hunted to marry. "

If we carry on to think that we be supposed to have an by the same token high-powered man for a partner, we are setting ourselves up for failure. Put at once two brawny personalities who both like being in accusation and you have a recipe for connection ruin.

It took 30 years and 3 divorces already I exposed the truth about this for myself. Now I am cheerfully married at last to a man who supports me and is proud of my accomplishments. He is happy to let me be the guide at home as well as at work. He does all the housework, too! So what if he earns less.

The only challenging part for me was accepting the fact that he likes me to be in control. And that he is no less of a man as of it. With that acceptance I have established comfortably into the best and greatest association of my life.

As more women out-earn their men the woman led marriage ceremony will befall more common. That's why my partner and I are appearance out of the closet about our relationship. Athletic women need a altered kind of partner and a atypical kind of connection to be happy. Rid yourself of those old stereotyped beliefs and learn how to pick the right kind of man. Accomplished women can be winners in work AND in love.

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